Tuesday, December 9, 2008


#1 Michelle on Biggest Loser is awesome!

#2 I'm going crazy! I have to make it through Friday. I am 2 papers and 1 presentation away from freedom and Christmas shopping. That's right, people, I have done no Christmas shopping because of school. Also, as you know, I have not updated this blog. Something tells me I won't be updating it much until May 2010 (yeah, I'll have my Master's!).

Anyway, Merry Christmas! We will be out of town from around December 16th to January 6th, so if you don't see us, we're in Texas!


Ben and Tabby said...

I was just saying last night, "I bet Jeanette is really busy with school, cause she hasn't updated her blog in FOREVER!" :) Thanks for the update! Try not to pull your hair out! It will all be worth it!

Stacia said...

Me and Darren watch Biggest Loser too. We want Michelle to kick everybody's butts!!