Thursday, March 27, 2008

Jeanette & The Boys

Hey, guys! Brian here. Wanted to thank everybody for the support they've been showing us. We really appreciate it. I have no doubt that Jeanette will be accepted to Mercer like we want, so know it's just a matter of trusting in God to make it happen (and to make sure we don't go broke at the same time). House (rent) hunting is going well. We've seen a few good prospects, but more on that later. In the meantime, we took the boys to the Vet today to have a 'little operation' done. They're home now and doing well, but they haven't yet got their sense of balance back, and they are still quite loopy. Kenobi seems to think he's going to take off or something, cause he won't lift his body more than an inch or two of the ground, while Obi just keeps bobbing his head. I would upload a video, but we still havent gotten it to work properly yet, so you'll just have to make due with some pictures.

Anyway, we managed to get copies of the pictures that the family that saved them had. They were so cute! Here's a sample:

Well, that's all for now. See you all later!


Stacia said...

Too cute! Glad they both made it through their "little operation" just fine! At least they went through it together. Did not know you guys were looking for a house to rent?!? That is great! Call Janice Stefanski at Golden Key Realty if you want. She is a great friend of mine and my mom's, Tabby's and a lot of others realtors. They have a lot of rentals that they handle. She might be able to help you too. Just an idea :-) Thanks again for coming to the egg hunt! We really had a good time with everybody there!

Sarah said...

I guess they'll be boys forever. Their baby pictures are so cute. ALMOST makes me want one. Good luck house hunting.

Dawn said...

Hey! I didn't know you were looking to rent a house. Call me. I know a person trying to get a house rented.

Take care!