Friday, March 28, 2008

Renting a House

Brian here. So apparently we forgot to let people know that we were looking at renting a house. Sorry guys. Well, consider this your official notice.

We are looking at renting a house. We've been considering doing this for awhile, and with Jeanette looking at going back to school, it just seemed like the right idea. Unfortunately, our options are limited since we're having to look for a fairly cheap place (part of that whole not going broke thing). So far we've seen some not so good, some ok, and some that would be great if it was $100 less. We're mainly trying to find something north of town for commuting purposes, but we can't limit ourselves too much. Really all we can do is pray that God will guide us to the right place.

Anyway, J has here audition on Monday afternoon, so I ask that you all pray for her. She also has to take a test at some point, so she's pretty stressed out right now. But I know she'll do fine, and that God will watch over her and bless her during all that. And we should know sometime on Tuesday if she got accepted, so keep an eye out.

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