Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Opportunities for next year from every direction

I had the opportunity to go to Byron Middle School yesterday. I went to evalute the program and consider a transfer. The program has potential, but I'm not sure if God wants me there. The BMS teacher really wants to go to the high school. Weird, huh?

Today, I got a call from another middle school that wants to interview. I will give details about this when I know more.

AAAAND, the Head of Graduate Studies for the Townsend School of Music (Mercer) called me today to give me some details about my upcoming audition.

I will have to:

-Rehearse a collegiate-level music piece with the Mercer Singers (they're a really good ensemble, and it makes me sweat thinking about it). They will send me the piece of music a week before my audition.

-Interview with a panel of professors, and

-Take a theory test (I'll be studying all weekend). It's like trying to remember math from high school.

I know God will show me the path to take, but I'm definitely still prayin' hard.

Have a good week or weekend!


Dawn said...

HA! I heard about that offer for you to go to Byron Middle before you even posted.


Byron Middle is an entirely different world compared to where you are. I would have told you that before, but I didn't think that might be a possibility for you.

You will make the right decision, though. Keep praying. I KNOW you should not be where you are. Get out of that fire, girl!

Love you and I missed you & Brian at church tonight!

Come to the wedding Friday night at 7:00. Get dressed up and come enjoy a celebration.

I know this should have been an email or a phone call instead of a comment! Sorry! I had a lot to say! :]

Stacia said...

Okay...I won't be as wordy as Dawn..but I agree! If nothing better comes along take the Byron Middle job. Wouldn't it be better than where you are? I will pray hard. Congrats about the Mercer stuff too. I know you'll do great. And yes, come to the wedding! We will be's going to be fun...very relaxed!! Love ya and hope to see you this weekend!

Tabby said...

Wow, that is wonderful that God is putting so many opportunities in front of you! I will definately say a prayer for you. I know it will all work out the way He wants it to. Love you and miss you!

Sarah said...

You must have really impressed somebody at that job fair. Congratulations.

Andrea said...

Congratulations on your many opportunities. I know you'll do great wherever you go.