Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Our First Christmas Together

Lily, Me, and Mir

Obi and Kenobi, our new kittens! Obi's in orange, and Kenobi's the blue.

Our boys taking a nap

Mom doing her crossword puzzles

Bonnie and Jacob, the beau

SFA Singers!

The "First Christmas" ornament my mom gave us

Our Texas Christmas Star

"First Christmas" ornament from Brian's mom, Sherry

Our Martha Stewart Christmas Tree-colored coordinated and everything!

Our first tree! And, yes, it's fake

Runt and Debra-Could a cat look more relaxed?

My dearest mumsy wrapping gifts at the last minute. Love the 'do!


Stacia said...

"martha" would be so very proud of you! The tree is (what does she always say?)Perfect! I hope you and Brian had a wonderful first Christmas together!

Stacia said...

And your kitties! How cute!! I love their names :-)

Tabby said...

Yes, your tree is beautiful! We missed you guys Sunday night, but we're glad you made it back safe!

Stacia said...

Well it looks like you figured out the link thing.... I clicked on my name and it worked :-)