Saturday, January 5, 2008

The Boys

Hey guys! Brian here.
Just thought I'd pop in and let everyone hear the story of our two new additions.

As some of you may know, J and I got a kitten not long after we got married. He was with us for a very short time before he passed away. Recently we decided that we were ready to try and raise another cat. But instead of going to PetSmart, as we did with Sam, we decided that we would go to vet's offices and look around-that way we could possibly find a cat that was well taken care of, cheaper, and we would have an idea of which vet we wanted to use. (When we lost Sam, we weren't happy with the vet we were using, so we thought it best to look beforehand).

Anyway, when we got back from Christmas vacation, we decided to go looking. We went to a vet that was close to our apartment complex. We walked in and were quite pleased with what we saw. We started looking at their boards, and talking to the receptionist. We mentioned we were looking at adopting a kitten, and she told us that one of the aides had 2 kittens that she was trying to find a home for. She called her over, and we started talking.

She said that their names were Obi and Kenobi (so I am not to blame for the Star Wars reference, but I love it), and that they were about 15 weeks. They had been brought in by an old lady when they were a few days old. The aide took them home, and nurtured and cared for them, bottle feeding them until they were old enough to eat on their own. She said that she didn't want them separated, so we needed to take them both. We asked if we could see them, so she called her mom to bring them over.
We talked it over, and decided that if we liked them, we would keep the names (J thought they were fun), and take them both. They showed up, and we instantly fell in love with them. So we took them home.

Needless to say, raising two kittens has been different. More food, water, attention, everything. But there are a few good things. One of which is that they have someone else to sleep with and play with (and clean each other, which is uber-cute), so they're less needy than just one would be. Also, being able to see their different personalities has been fun. J and I have even picked our favorites (Obi's mine, while Kenobi is hers). I'll give you a few examples of their differences. Obi is content with sitting near you and letting you pick him up and pet him, while Kenobi will rub on you, paw on you, and even rub his head on your face to get you attention. Kenobi loves string, while Obi loves the assorted cat toys on the end of string. We look forward to seeing what things come out the longer we have them.

Anyway, keep an eye out for more posts, and more pics. We're even expecting pics of the boys growing up from the vet aide that had them, so look for those. See all of you later!


Stacia said...

Cute story about how you got your kitties! If you ever need anybody to come feed them when you guys go out of town call me...I love cats (just don't have any right now). So what vet are you using?? I use a guy up in Macon, but would love to have someone a little closer for emergencies etc...

Brian and Jeanette said...

We're using Town & Country Animal Clinic off of Houston Lake Rd. They've got a small pasture with several horses and such, so we wonderd if they even handled small animals, but we got the boys there, so they must know what they're doing.