Monday, June 14, 2010

May 2010

This picture is more about Brian's crazy hair than my graduation:)

Erin Lycett and Starbucks...good times.
Aunt Sandra, Josh, Jennifer and Kaleigh, Brian and me at El Bronco's after graduation.
Oh, Flint, I miss you already.

That's right. The Master of Music was THE very last to be announced.

Amy and I were very proud in our pink and orange...a designer's nightmare color combo.
Dr. Stanley
Dr. Kosowski
Ying Ju, Yichen Wu, Liao Shu Yu,

The proud Master of Music class of 2010. From left: Shu Yu, Yichen, Lewis, Flint, Amy, Laura and Ying Ju.

Amy was chosen to speak at our hooding ceremony.
My dear friends Lea, Brandon, Eleanor and Philip. We got ice cream from Bruster's the night before we left. Guess Eleanor wasn't happy with the flavor she got.

He's got a good "cheese" face.
Oh, little Eleanor. You kept me distracted many a church service.

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Dawn said...

So proud for you and proud to hear about your new job. The Lord has put you where He wants you. I'm so glad we got to be friends. Let's stay in touch, K?