Sunday, June 17, 2007


Newlywed Photos

So I finally sat down and got these pictures uploaded for SOME people that wouldn't leave me alone (Jim Styron). I promise that this is all I have for right now. My photographer is mailing me rough copies of the wedding next weekend. Remember, Mr. Miagi says, "Patience is a virtue." Oh wait, I think that was someone else;)

Brian blowing out his 25th birthday candles

Sponge Bob Cake lit

Sponge Bob Cake

Moving Truck---only 6 feet thanks to our familial moving crew!

Gaylord Texan Resort Entrance Sign

Gaylord Texan Resort Icon

Consider It Done Button!! AKA Whatever You Want Right Away Button!


Consider It Done Telephone

The Atrium: mostly manmade and all within the hotel itself

Store front

A stuffed cow--no really, a stuffed cow



Us in front of the Alamo...or are we?

Who's got the long toes now?!

Room Service...why, yes, please!

Dinner at Ama Lur


I know pronounce you....

Wedding Flowers

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