Monday, April 2, 2007

April Fool's ;)

Did anyone else forget that today was April Fool's? Wow. Didn't remember til 6:30pm when my mind started to wander during the sermon at church.

Just to catch you up, my baby brother, Jim (he's not so much a baby anymore. 6'2''), graduated from UTI!! I wasn't there, but I heard that it was fabulous.

We had a small party for him Sunday night after church. I took pictures. It was fabulous.

On Friday at 6:00pm, my tension headache went away. *Surprise* My contest was finished. My Girls' Chorale made a 2 onstage and a 3 in sightreading (Bb is not an easy key to read, people!). I am really proud of their showing, and as a bonus, I didn't faint in the process. Smiles all around. It wasn't a Sweepstakes performance, but they have learned so much from a 1st year teacher in the last 7 months.

Now I get to choreograph their Grease medley and Razzle Dazzle from Chicago. Can anyone say "School is over?" Other than that, I will be cleaning up the choir room and compiling a "Choir Bible" for the future director; the one I inherited was seriously out of date.

Wedding in 60 days and counting. The invitations go out Monday at 1pm.

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