Tuesday, April 3, 2007

2 Months Today!

It's officially 2 months until the wedding! Everyone's gettin' revved up along with the happy couple. I took the wedding invitations to the post office today. Lemme tell ya, it took 20 minutes in line to check the accuracy of the postage and to ask the USPS to hand cancel our envelopes. I mean, L'view has the record for slowest post office of the US. For those of you that don't know, hand cancelling keeps your invitations looking pretty for your recipients. If you don't ask the USPS to do it to special letters, they will arrive looking crumpled, and really, who wants that after so much time has gone into preparing them?

Oh, and 9 days and counting til I visit Brian in GA. I finished the online app for Houston County School Systems tonight, and it was looooooooong. They are thorough in Middle Georgia. Hopefully, something will miraculously happen in the music department there. I'm told that they don't have many openings due to the fact that the music teachers are fabulous, the fine arts are strong, and the kids just keep enrolling.

I can always hope.

Meanwhile, Brian is still hobbling around his room. If you think of him, give him a ring. He's still spending alot of his time alone because getting out tires him.

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Lily said...

TWO MONTHS?!?! I can hardly believe it! :) How very surreal for you guys. And exciting.