Monday, March 26, 2007


So this is what Brian does at home with a bum knee. ------>
Uh, yeah, so Brian's feeling better, and I'm still gearing up for contest. Sightreading and rehearsal was great today.
This afternoon I had a chat with an AP from Peach County School Systems. Nice guy, fledging choir group (no one is enrolled right now-ouch!), but it's closer, and I'd have a conference period. And let's face it, anything you do in a new program looks fabulous to administration.

At the moment, I'm taking Brian's truck on April 13th and visiting Peach Co. in the morning and Putnam Co. in the afternoon. Then if Houston wants to throw their hat in the ring, I'm sure I can throw them a bone. (cross your fingers)
The plan right now is send a letter of interest to Houston Co. (the best county in Middle Georgia) and apply online for Bibb Co. (this one has mixed reviews).
That's all for now. Signing off, I am Jeanette

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