Sunday, March 25, 2007


So this font is "Georgia." Nice, huh?

I am beginning this blog for family and friends. It will never be a substitute for personal calls, letters, emails or even, "Let's do lunch," but there will be times when this is way more informative than Brian or I can be:)

With that in mind, let's begin:

I know that is considered bad luck to use your last name before it is legally yours, but so what!! It's just much easier to create the blog with our future last name. So breathe deeply, mothers, I am not trying to jinx us.

As of today, we are 68 days from June 2nd. I will probably be putting a ticker up somewhere on the blog soon. It feels like forever, but I've never been patient, now have I?


  • Brian had knee surgery on Friday and is doing well thanks to the Vicodan. It looks like his knees have been visited by the Italian Mafia.

  • I had a job interview with Putnam County Elementary 2 weeks ago.

  • Friday morning, Peach County High School called me on my office phone just as the bell for 1st period rang. Blast! I WILL be calling them back.

  • I had a job interview with Putnam County Middle School on Friday during my lunch break. They called Friday afternoon to offer me the job. The jury is still out on this one, gang.

  • Tomorrow I hope to make headway with Peach County. It's closer, and I might have a conference period, whereas with Putnam, well, let's just say there are more cons thans pros.

  • The cake and flowers have been decided on.


March 27th @ 7:00-My girls have their mock Contest and Sightreading Concert.

March 30th @12:00-Jimbo graduates from UTI!!

March 30th @ 4:30-My girls go to Concert and Sightreading Contest in Canton, TX.

March 30th @ 7:30-Bonnie Bolinger sings the soprano lead at SFA Opera production of The Marriage of Figaro, Nacogdoches, TX.

April 12-15th-I fly to see Brian in GA. Plans: Job interviews and apartment hunting (ugh!).

April 22nd-South Main Church of Christ Shower, Weatherford, TX

April 29th-Shiloh Rd. Church of Christ Shower at Janet Parker's, Whitehouse, TX

May 5th-Cinco de Mayo party

May 7th-Pop Show rehearsal

May 8th-Pop Show

May 24th-Last day of students!

May 25th-Teacher Workday (boo)

May 25th @ 3:45-Start your engines...................cuz here..........we............go!

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