Sunday, July 5, 2009

2nd Wedding Anniversary

This year our destination was Atlanta, GA.

Our room at the Doubletree was amazing!

Greeted with the standard chocolate chip oatmeal cookies. Crazy good;-P

One of our balconies, and yes, that's a flat screen in front of our king-sized bed.

The view from one of our balconies. The bar and lobby are below.

The second balcony.

SECOND flat screen...same suite.

Wolfgang Puck coffee maker with individual pods. Wish I had one at home. I broke the my own coffee maker's carafe, so now I have a multi-step process to get the same coffee out of the same machine.

Nuff said. We thought it was an adults-only place, but were we wrong. Not really impressed with Dave and Buster's.

The art museum was a great adventure. Some pieces of art were on loan from the Louvre.

Crazy bike.

Something my Aunt Ginny might make.

Now, for the next few pictures, look very carefully. Is it 2-D, 3-D? What's the deal? Have fun.

We got the opportunity to see the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra featuring Chris Botti at the Memorial Arts Building.

Night at the Museum II, the IMAX EXPERIENCE. Bottom line-the "experience" is not worth it. Save your money.

We had a shorter stay this year, but it was still nice to get away. Next year, we'll be in the middle of a move, so we really tried to enjoy this anniversary. Our third could be a night out at McDonald's.

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Stacia said...

I'm glad you had a good little getaway for your anniversary. Your hotel room looked awesome.... with two tv's I would have lost Darren! And your flag cake looked really good!!