Thursday, July 31, 2008

Cat Post

Brian here. Ok. It's fairly obvious that I'm a bit enthusiastic when it come to our cats. Ok. Maybe a lot. But since there's not much else to do around here, I get to sit and watch the boys and take a gazillion pictures of them. I figured I would share some of these with you. The first couple is a continuation of our "Cats in Bags"

First, we have the grocery bags from our last trip to the store:

Kenobi's found his resting spot

While Obi's getting his daily fiber

It's a good thing we brought several home

Next we have my duffel bag:

Kenobi kept trying to catch Obi's tail

Up until he got underneath it, which Obi couldn't figure out

And more recently, we have the take home bag from Olive Garden:

Obi really liked this bag

So much that he didn't want to share

But Kenobi eventually won

And now for another series I like to call "Weird But Cute Positions"
(It's gonna be a long post)

We love this one

Kenobi and Obi both wanted to sleep with me on the couch the other day

It didn't last very long

Ok. I'm getting cries of enough from some people, so I only have two more things.
First a picture of the boys' sleeping in their new bed:

And last is a funny video. Let's just call it "Spin the Cat"

We don't know if they like it or are just dizzy, but they don't move afterwards, and they keep laying down in that spot. So you decide. Anyway, hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Bye!


Tabby said...

How funny! It looks to me like he likes it...those are some cute cats. :)

Dawn said...

I like the picture by the window, too. You should add a disclaimer to your video. It should say "Dramatazation, no animals were harmed in the filming of this video." :D

Dawn said...

Maybe I spelled "Dramatazation" wrong? Who knows. You get the point! :D

Laura said...

I think we have the same couch! Did you shop Rooms 2 Go? I can't find anything to match those crazy pillows!

Sarah said...

That poor cat. Ya'll are just plain crazy. It was pretty funny though.

Jdawg said...

for Dawn's peace of mind it's "dramatization."