Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

Hey guys, it's Brian.
Just wanted to think everyone that showed up on Saturday, it was a lot of fun. And of course, thank you everyone for all of the gifts I've received. I've put them to good use. Most of the cash and gift cards I've received have gone towards fully connecting this:

That's right. For my birthday Jeanette allowed me to get a brand new 32" widescreen LCD TV. And it is awesome! You never realize just how good things can look till they're in high definition. I LOVE IT!!! Thank you so much Jeanette!

Ok, now some news. I found out today that on July 25th I will be having some minor surgery on my left shoulder. For those of you who don't know, I've been having some pain there lately, and it's been giving me some pretty severe headaches from time to time. So keep me in your prayers as we prepare for that.

And now for a lighter note, we got the boys a new toy the other day. It's a small cheap ($4) red and black box with holes and some streamers inside that they can run in and out of. They love it alot more than we thought they would. They use it as an exercise wheel, tumbling around the floor, and as an ambush point. So far, it's been almost all over the house, and we barely touch it. Anyway, here's a few pictures. See ya'll later!


Dawn said...

Your party was fun! Thanks for inviting us!

You've got some rough and tumble cats! That's a cool new toy.

Hope you had a great birthday!
Dawn & Mike

Tabby said...

Hmm...why does that entertainment center look so familiar?? :D

Cool TV!