Monday, February 4, 2008


The boys got a new toy the other day, so I just wanted to throw a few pictures of them up on the blog. Enjoy!

Playing in the bathroom.
"I've got your head!"
"No, I've got your head!"

Hey! No fair hiding under the bath rug.

Yea, a tree! Now we can show off our climbing skills without damaging anything.

This climbing thing's harder than it looks.

Sleepy time. All together now!


Tabby said...

They are so cute! I will say a prayer that something good comes from the job fair!!

Stacia said...

They are so cute!! It's good to have two kitties...they are fun to watch play together. Makes me want to go get one. (I miss mine) But now I have my Pedro and he is super sweet but I don't think he'd enjoy a cat :-) So glad you made it to BookClub before we were done and I will definatly pray about the results from the job fair!

Crys said...

Hi Jeanette! Your "kids" look so sweet. The yawning pic is the best.

Dawn said...

Cute kitties!!

I really hope something works out for you to get on somewhere in Houston County. We'll be praying for that.