Saturday, January 12, 2008

Honor Choir 2008

So, the first really satisfying event of my job at Peach County just happened. We attended the GMEA Region 11 Honor Choir. It wasn't a competition; I picked 15 students to go, and 12 ended up sticking it out. They went through two days of clinic on 5 songs, and I got to engage in some much needed camaraderie.

From left to right: Charlene, Keaya, Barneika, and Shawna

From left to right: Meghan, Mecca, Michael, Micah, Salana, Heather, Shannon, Shawna, Barneika, and Willette

I made them do this They had a blast!

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Stacia said...

I'm so happy you finally had a good time! You deserve it because you work really hard :-) Maybe this will be the start of a new begining...