Friday, April 13, 2007

Everything's Coming Up Roses

It's no secret that life is a series of ups and downs. I have had my share of both, not always completely believing that God is going to bring back up from the depths.

Flash back to the Fall 0f 2005 and then the Fall of 2006. Life was less than great those semesters. Then, Brian came into my life, and things started to change, slowly but surely.

God has continued to take care of me. Today I got a job as the head choral director of Peach County High School in Fort Valley, GA! And to think, I was 20 minutes late for my interview, too (I got lost--Surprise, Surprise!). It's a town of 8,500, and everybody was so friendly. Plus, Brian and I started looking at apartments today. There are some great, affordable places in Warner Robins. I can't wait to put down the deposit tomorrow;)

Everything's falling into place. Crazy that I don't trust Him sometimes, huh?

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